Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall Ribbon Ride September 21st at 2:00

MDH is sponsoring a Fall Ribbon Ride for our moms and daughters at Riverside State Park. The event is free, you just need to sign the liability waiver before you begin your ride. We will tie about four ribbons on trees throughout the park, depending on the number of donations that come in before the ride, and the daughters (18 and under) get to ride out and find them!! Moms should accompany their daughters, but only daughters will be able to claim the prizes this time. Those who find a ribbon and bring it back to the starting area, will get a prize.

The ride itself is very easy--no water crossings--and lasts about 2 hours total. We park at the trailhead off of Old Trails Rd where there is an entrance to trail #25 that leads down into the valley. We'll give each group a map of the area before you start.

The date is Sunday September 21st at 2:00 pm.

Please bring a lunch/dinner to enjoy afterward as we have a tailgate social and wait for all the riders to get in.

Hope to see you there! If you have any questions, please contact Tiki.

Directions: (Please Google it to get a better idea before you leave your house. Type in Old Trails Rd Spokane WA and you will get the section of map you need. Follow Old Trails Rd to where it turns into N. Inland Rd, and that is where the trail head will be.)

Coming from the North or East you can come from either 7 Mile Rd or Trails Rd--

The South Entrance--Take W Northwest Blvd turn right to W Fort George Wright Dr.(It will pass Spokane Fall Community College) take another right to N. Government Way which turns into Trails Rd--a mile up and toward the top--Old Trails Rd to the right. It turns into N. Inland Rd as it approaches the park--the trailhead is at the end of the pavement when it turns into gravel road.

The North Entrance--West on 7 Mile Rd. to N. Inland Rd (there will be a sign that points left to the ORV--follow it and PASS the ORV--at the end of the gravel road you'll find the trailhead.

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